Writing a Finance and Accounting Dissertation

A dissertation is different from other types of academic writing assignments. Of course, to do it successfully, you will need the same skills that you used to apply to your research papers, personal statement, essays etc. Nevertheless, a dissertation is a more demanding task. It requires deeper and more comprehensive research, a 100% original text and only high-quality content. While your writing experience and skills provide a solid basis for success, consider also the following tips to make the job easier.

  • 1. Show your analytical abilities.
    A dissertation is a large document based on numerous facts and extensive evidence. Along with the ability to research, find out and systematize data, the writer is expected to show his/her analytical skills. This means you should select only information which is relevant to the subject in question and discuss it from the standpoint you have assumed. Critical thinking and reasoning are mandatory to succeed.
  • 2. Support your analysis with facts.
    As we have already mentioned, facts are a basis of any dissertation. Solid proof evidence is what gives your work more weight. Actually, this is what distinguishes an academic paper from fiction. This is even more important in finance and accounting, which is a figure-oriented realm. So do your best to find out the most relevant and trustworthy facts and data, then use applicable mathematical methods to process them. Each statement of your dissertation should be strongly supported.
  • 3. Choose a proper document structure.
    The content of your dissertation is not the only point to focus on. Actually, how well the presented information is categorized and structured is of great importance too. Delivering sound research findings in a poorly ordered form can undermine the entire endeavor. And vice versa, you can deliver scarce facts in such a way that a reader will easily grasp the major point of your work and follow its logical train. This would be a significant advantage. Just a hint: you can find and use a standard template to organize a good structure.
  • 4. Pay attention to grammar.
    Your dissertation is a climax of your previous education. Make sure you do not make any stupid mistakes when doing this high-grade analytical work. Correct English goes without saying. Grammar or spelling mistakes can spoil a general impression of your finance and accounting dissertation. You just may not discuss academic concepts and handle heaps of figures while admitting primary-school level mistakes at the same time. So, once the final version of your paper is ready, reread the text once again to be on the safe side.


A finance and accounting dissertation is an assignment requiring both academic skills and professional expertise. Any information a student collects is to be analyzed and presented in such a way that readers understand he/she is ready for serious independent work during their future career. This is a rewarding opportunity worth investing time and efforts.